Seeking Health Zinc Lozenge 60 tabl.


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Gentle chelated form supports optimal absorption of zincMay help support a healthy immune systemMay help support healthy eyes and skinMay help support normal growth and developmentZinc Lozenge by Seeking Health provides 15 mg of TRAACS zinc bisglycinate chelate in an easy-to-use lozenge format. Zinc may help support normal cell growth, a healthy immune system, and healthy wound repair processes. It is an essential mineral that activates more than 70 enzymes within the human body, including those that assist with protein synthesis.*Zinc Lozenge uses TRAACS Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate, a gentle, well-tolerated form of zinc. Each tablet can be easily broken into smaller pieces for greater dosage control. These tablets use only xylitol and natural flavors – no artificial sweeteners or colors.*

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